TinySeed's 2019 Batch Funding Announcement: StaticKit

We’re thrilled to announce that Derrick Reimer, founder of StaticKit, has joined the 2019 TinySeed accelerator batch.


StaticKit is a toolkit of serverless components for static websites, allowing customers to gather form submissions without writing any backend code. Derrick, a full-stack developer, previously co-founded Drip (email marketing automation), and founded Codetree (project management app for GitHub issues).

As a serial SaaS founder with a few wins under his belt, Derrick has the technical chops to build a product, an audience with which to test ideas, and the experience to make the hard decisions when necessary. StaticKit has early traction with static site developers and web hosts, and the partnership opportunities in this space are extensive.

StaticKit joins LessAccounting, Popsicle, Loadster, Branch, ClientRock, Gather, SimSaaS, Reimbi and Castos in our inaugural 2019 accelerator batch.

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