TinySeed's 2019 Batch Funding Announcement: Loadster

Today we’re excited to announce that Loadster, founded by Andy Hawkes, has joined the 2019 TinySeed accelerator batch.


Loadster is a load testing SaaS for websites, web apps, and APIs. Slow or crashed sites can be costly and embarrassing, and Loadster helps these customers get meaningful, actionable insights quickly and easily. Loadster can spin up a large number of load engines across 15 global regions in about 90 seconds to run massive load tests, and first-time users can typically run their first load test within minutes.

Andy built and launched Loadster by himself, on the side, working nights and weekends. Through this, he's demonstrated his ability to grow a startup to an enviable level of revenue while being both capital- and time-efficient. TinySeed's investment and mentorship allows Andy to focus full-time on Loadster so that he can grow the product faster while working a more sane, sustainable schedule.

Loadster joins Branch, ClientRock, Gather, SimSaaS, Reimbi and Castos in our inaugural 2019 accelerator batch. We’ll be announcing the final few startups in the next few weeks; stay tuned.