A bit about us…


We are the next generation of startup accelerator. 

TinySeed began with Rob and Einar, two serial entrepreneurs who saw a gap in the ability for non-unicorn startups to raise early-stage funding.

So we decided to fix that.

We announced in late 2018, and the response was beyond anything we imagined.

Hundreds and hundreds of tweets, re-tweets, likes, Hacker News upvotes, email responses...it was immediately obvious that there is pent up demand for this kind of alternative early-stage startup funding.

That’s the moment we knew we were onto something.

TinySeed is an accelerator, but it’s remote, runs for a full year, focuses on SaaS, and “non-unicorns” (companies that don’t aspire to grow at all costs to reach a $1B valuation).

To venture capitalists, a company doing $10m in annual revenue is a miss. To us, it’s a great business.