TinySeed's 2019 Batch Funding Announcement: Branch

The next company in our 2019 accelerator batch is Branch founded by Peter Suhm, located in Glasgow, Scotland.


Branch is a continuous integration service built for WordPress developers; building, testing and deploying WordPress projects with very little configuration. Peter launched his first product, WP Pusher, in 2015 while on a mission to bring a better developer experience to the WordPress ecosystem. Today, WP Pusher is in charge of deploying code changes to thousands of WordPress sites.

Branch is the combined knowledge of working on WP Pusher for 4 years, bundled with a vision of making modern developer practices more accessible to WordPress developers.  As a startup, Branch has a distinct advantage in that it's building on the audience, customer base, and domain knowledge its founder has developed while building and growing a related product. Peter's methodical approach to shipping code and content every week has been a key factor in building Branch's traction in the space.

Branch joins ClientRock, Gather, SimSaaS, Reimbi and Castos in our inaugural 2019 accelerator batch. We’ll be announcing the final few startups in the next few weeks; stay tuned.

Tracy Osborn