Introducing the First Company in TinySeed’s 2019 Batch: Castos

Since applications closed for our first accelerator batch on February 15th, we’ve been hard at work narrowing down the nearly 900 submissions. We are astounded by the sheer number and quality of applications we received from so many bootstrapped companies from all over the world.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting the founders and companies that we’ve chosen to be part of TinySeed’s first batch. Today we’re excited to share our first company: Castos founded by Craig Hewitt.


Castos’ top-rated podcast hosting WordPress plugin, Seriously Simple Podcasting, allows WordPress users to easily manage a podcast from within a WordPress site. Craig is a seasoned podcaster (more than 4 years and 200 episodes) and brings his knowledge of the podcasting space to the product team at Castos. He feels that making podcasting accessible to everyone will continue to lead to an expansion in the medium, adding to its already monumental growth in recent years.

The Castos team, 5 strong and growing, is entirely remote and come from diverse backgrounds, giving them an edge when it comes to crafting inventive solutions to the problems podcasters encounter.

We’re a huge fan of Craig and his product. He shows up every day to push his business forward and as a result has an impressive amount of traction in a crowded space. He's been able to do this with a highly effective team and a focus on building features his customers want.

Stay tuned to hear about the other companies in our 2019 batch over the next few weeks!