TinySeed's 2019 Batch Funding Announcement: LessAccounting

We’re excited to announce that Paul Kogan, the new owner of LessAccounting, has joined the 2019 TinySeed accelerator batch.


LessAccounting is an easy-to-use accounting system that provides simple invoicing and bookkeeping. Originally built in 2007, it was sold in 2016 and left largely untouched. Paul acquired LessAccounting in early 2019 to modernize the platform, add payments options, double-down on invoicing, and improve the done-for-you bookkeeping service.

Paul is a driven entrepreneur with a prior success under his belt, and his background in full-stack development, banking, and e-commerce will be key in building LessAccounting into a modern tool that customers love and that’s on par with current competition.

His decision to re-enter an industry he knows well with a second acquisition gives him a leg up. Accounting is a crowded space, but we’re confident in Paul’s ability to think strategically and execute on his vision for this product.

LessAccounting joins Popsicle, Loadster, Branch, ClientRock, Gather, SimSaaS, Reimbi and Castos in our inaugural 2019 accelerator batch.