The (Almost) Complete TinySeed 2019 Accelerator Batch


It’s been an exciting few weeks as we’ve been announcing each of the companies accepted into our inaugural batch. And what a group they are! We’re phenomenally excited about our founders and their companies and are enjoying the chance to work alongside them and help accelerate their growth.

TinySeed’s 2019 accelerator batch includes:


Founded by Peter Suhm (Glasgow, Scotland), Branch is a continuous integration service built for WordPress developers.


Founded by Craig Hewitt (Annecy, France), Castos’ top-rated podcast hosting WordPress plugin, Seriously Simple Podcasting, allows WordPress users to easily manage a podcast from within a WordPress site.


Founded by Bryan Marble (Portsmouth, NH, USA), ClientRock allows attorneys to set up a fully automated intake process.


Founded by Scottie and Brian Elliott (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico), Gather is a comprehensive specification platform for the Interior Design & Architecture industry.


Founded by Andy Hawkes (Chandler, Arizona, USA), Loadster is a load testing SaaS for websites, web apps, and APIs.


Founded by David Heller (Portland, Oregon, USA) and Paul Trojanowski (Kielce, Poland), Reimbi addresses the difficult and lengthy process of reimbursing job candidates for interview expenses.


Founded by Matt Wensing (Austin, Texas, USA), SimSaaS helps founders and investors forecast SaaS businesses.

This isn’t the entire batch; we have a few more announcements to make through the summer. We’ll add them here as they’re made public.

Congratulations to our founders — we’re delighted to work with you over the next year!

Applications for Batch 2 will open in late Fall. Add your email here to be notified of TinySeed events, application periods, and other announcements.