TinySeed's 2019 Batch Funding Announcement: SimSaaS

The next company joining TinySeed’s 2019 accelerator batch is SimSaaS, founded by Matt Wensing in Austin, Texas.


SimSaaS’s goal is to drop the cost of forecasting a SaaS business to nearly zero. By doing so, founders and investors will learn about their particular businesses, and SaaS in general, exponentially faster. SimSaaS is an operational tool and a sandbox for founders and investors to develop new strategies before deploying them into production, i.e. real life, where the stakes are highest.

The genius behind SimSaaS is in the complex blending of predictions and algorithms that Matt has applied, based on his years of experience building similar products and technology at his prior startup, Riskpulse.

Serial entrepreneurs are rare, but couple that with development chops, design experience, and a proven track record in enterprise sales, and Matt is an almost-unheard-of quadruple threat.

SimSaaS joins Reimbi and Castos in our inaugural 2019 accelerator batch. More announcements coming very soon!